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We entertain people!

A home game of Heroes Den Bosch is not just "watching a game". It is a night out, a whole experience, something you don't just forget. We want to inspire you during these evenings! American basketball scenes complete the experience: rousing music, cool light shows, the smell of popcorn, spectacular dance acts, cheerleaders and we could go on and on. Above all, don't forget the fun activities surrounding the game! With any luck, you will bring home a brand new television.

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Unique dance acts of our Heroes Dancers every home game!

No Heroes games in the Maaspoort is complete without our Heroes Dancers! With their dazzling performances, they bring unparalleled energy to the venue. One thing is for sure: with these ladies there will be no silences in the Maaspoort! Together with the audience, they do their utmost to cheer the players to victory.

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Try your luck with TV-Ball!

Every home game of Heroes at the Maaspoort, you just might have a chance to go home with a big prize. Yes, you hear that right! Every game, someone gets to compete in the famous TV-Ball. Will you be at the game? Maybe you will be the chosen one and get to try your luck.

What do you have to do? First of all, be present at the game of course; who knows, you might be picked from the audience. Next, you will get three chances to throw the ball into the basket from half-court. Is one of your three attempts a score? Then you bring home a beautiful TV from AudioExpert! Easy, right?